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HRV-guided Training (Tailored)

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NeuroAthleta also offers a phone app that recommends a workout program based on your goals and following your HRV, Resting HR and Mood & Fatigue Scales. The system provides tailored workouts (if you want to improve endurance, for example, the workouts will be different than if you want to improve sprinting). Contact us, tell us your goals and we will match you to the program.

Access to the app is based on a subscription.


How does it work? 

1. You enter your morning HRV, mood and fatigue data into the system.

2. The system analyses it, based on previous days, and will recommend to train "High intensity", "Low intensity" or "Rest". 

The App also includes a Graph to keep track of your numbers visually. 


*Free option available if you take part in a study from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. You would need to use the program for 5 week and do an FTP test before and after these 5 weeks, with a road bike. Contact for more information. 

HRV-guided Training (Tailored)HRV-guided Training (Tailored)HRV-guided Training (Tailored)